We Tripped out in Sunny California...

This is the story of two really nice boys named Duran Bodasing & Mo Sherwood - who met almost 3 decades ago over their love of surfing, skateboarding, cartoons, art & music.

Duran & Mo are the brilliant minds behind the Antler brand. Their friendship & crazy passion for the West Coast lifestyle from Vancouver BC all the way down to the essence of California culture, is where the idea for Antler originated. "Our art is our lives and we live for our art..."

That spring of 2019 was a real magical time for us & we discovered something truly amazing about both California culture & the people who live there.  We met so many incredible spirits from all walks of life who took us on the wildest adventures covering the southern California coast from top tp bottom. It changed us forever. An epic journey of the senses & a childhood dream come true. All we could do was dream about making ANTLER ©


Antler Lifestyles © is inspired by The West Coast


We Love You Dudes

Dman & Mo Mo